Dreaming of travelling now and always


Dreaming of the day we can fly again and be at a different part of the world when we wake up. Meanwhile, days are spent dreaming of travelling in our sleep. Literally, we dreamt that we flew back to countries we have visited before and had way too much fun before the alarm goes off to pull us back to reality.



Fortunately, in 2019, we got to visit a few countries. Taiwan for April, New Zealand in September and a very impromptu trip to Hanoi in November. Slowly but surely, we will share these adventures here for us to reminisce those carefree days wandering around new terrains.


Travelling is definitely the best thing to happen and wish we can do it again very soon!


One response to “Dreaming of travelling now and always”

  1. This post is so informative! And your pictures are absolutely amazing as always. These tips will absolutely help me in the future.


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