Day 16 in London, England

This marks our last full day in London with us checking few more of the touristy sites off our list and visiting our relatives.

25th May 2017

10:00 | Breakfast at The Garrison
A British colleague of ours recommended this place to us and she lists this place as one of her favourites. And indeed, it deserved to be on that list! The food was simply amazing and the place was so cozy. Do yourself a favour and visit this place for one of your meals if you are ever in the Bermondsey area!

12:00 | Strolled to the London Eye, Big Ben, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace
Had a really nice and long stroll to see few of the famous structures of London under the sunny weather. Glad we got the chance to see the Big Ben before it underwent renovation till year 2020, which we were not aware of before our trip.

The compound of Buckingham Palace is really impressive. Saw some tourists taking photos with the police guarding the area so I decide to follow suit as well for memory sake.

15:00 | Lunch at Gold Mine Restaurant
Took a train to Bayswater station. The fresh flowers decoration and sky roof really make the station look so pretty! Not forgetting our purpose here, which was the roasted duck that Anders remembered fondly from his last visit to London. We really liked how fat and juicy the duck meat! My stomach’s growling now just by looking at the photos.

16:30 | Shopping at Ealing Broadway
Before visiting our relatives for dinner, we decide to take a quick shopping break at Ealing Broadway. And oh my! This is a shopping haven as compared to Oxford Street. Most sizes are in stock and there were discounts in many stores.

18:30 | Dinner at relative’s house
Ending the night by having a home-cooked meal at Anders’s aunt’s house. We were truly grateful for the meal and having the opportunity to spend time with family overseas! What a perfect last night to our trip.

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