Day 14 in London, England

This is our first official day in London and we’re super pumped to check off some must-visits on our list such as Notting hill, Abbey Road and Soho!

23rd May 2017

10:30 | Brunch at Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill
So many lovely cafes in the Notting Hill area, giving us a hard time to decide where to dine in. After walking up and down the street, eventually we settled on Farm Girl Cafe, which was in an alley hidden behind the white brick wall. Sat at the outdoor communal table since the weather is cooling, which was also quieter without all the chatters happening inside. Food and drinks were decent, but the beautiful setting is definitely a plus point for the gram!

11:30 | Spending time at Portobello Market
Just like everyone who goes to Notting hill, we too, took (way too many as you can see above) photos of the colourful houses and shopped at Portobello market. Really interesting to see the various colours and shades of the houses!

15:00 | Anders returns to Abbey road
At the very last minute, we made the decision to go to Abbey road since we had time on hand. So glad we did go there and I could help Anders take the perfect picture of the Abbey road crossing for memory sake. He has been here in 2010, when he harboured the thought of becoming an audio engineer, and now, he’s an audio producer. Amazing!

17:00 | Early dinner at Koya Bar (Soho)
Got hungry from all the walking, so we went for an early dinner. Being a huge fan of udon, I heard that Koya Bar serves great udon, so I had to give it a try. I ordered a simple Kitsune (sweet tofu and spring onion) udon and Anders ordered the Prawn Tempura udon. It was so delicious that I finished it within minutes and it left me wanting more!

17:30 | Shopping at Soho area
One store that I’ve always wanted to visit in UK is Primark. So of course, we went to the store at Oxford street which was a little disappointing for me as many ladies clothes ran out of sizes, but Anders did find many things to buy. In a later part of the trip, I realised that it’s a good idea to visit Primark outlets outside of the popular shopping areas for better chance at getting items in the regular/common (Asian) sizes. We continued to shop at other stores but didn’t purchase anything.

20:00 | Burgers at Five Guys
Again, we got hungry from all the shopping and decided to pop into Five Guys to try their burger since we’ve heard good stuff about it from friends. After one bite, Anders declared this as the Best Burger Ever!!! Till today, no other burger has topped his list yet.

From Soho, we took a bus back to our Airbnb. And this concludes our day!

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  1. This makes me want to go back! I loved following your stories along your travels – it looks like you had so much fun!


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