Day 13 in Manchester and London, England

After yesterday’s exhilarating time watching the Manchester United match live, we were super pumped up about returning to Old Trafford today for the stadium tour!

22nd May 2017

09:00 | Breakfast at Harvester at The Lowry
Chanced upon this restaurant near our Airbnb that was opened for breakfast in the early hours. We were spoilt for choice with their extensive breakfast menu but eventually just settled for a classic. They even had a breakfast bar where we saw many customers enjoying it.

10:00 | Old Trafford stadium tour
We needed to catch a train to London in the early afternoon, hence in order to cut transit time, we hauled our luggage with us to the stadium for safekeeping while we are doing the stadium tour. The stadium tour will take around 80minutes. We were led by a pretty stern guide who gets pissed off when any of us went off course or slowed down at certain points, but it seems very appropriate there as he behaved like a coach while we are the ‘players’. We think it was intentional for comedic purposes!

There were so many highlights from this tour. First, being inside the actual dressing room is like the closest we can get to the players! Secondly, we get to walk out of the tunnel towards to the field enjoying a moment of glory! Lastly, we were dropped off at the museum to marvel at all those trophies won over the years!

On a side note, we saw some couples taking wedding pictures at at the seats. Perhaps hardcore United fans can consider?

13:30 | Caught a train at Manchester Piccadilly Station
Had lunch at The Hour Glass Cafe at the train station before catching the train to London city! The train ride was really comfortable and we even dozed off a bit.

18:00 | Arrived at Euston Station
After 2.5 hours, we arrived at Euston Station and bought our Oyster card so that we can take a bus to our Airbnb. London buses soon became my favourite form of transport over the next few days!

19:00 | Checked into our disappointing London Airbnb
Prior to arriving, we were full of excitement to spend the next four nights in this Airbnb and to cook with fresh ingredients we can purchase locally. But the horror came when we entered the place to realise that some parts of the place was not cleaned properly, and we had trouble getting the host to rectify the situation. Long story short, to avoid the hassle of moving (Anders already lugged up both luggages to the fourth floor), we continued to stay in the Airbnb after checking in, but spent minimal time there other than getting a good night rest. Last checked, this apartment is no longer in the Airbnb listing.

20:00 | Night life in Bermonsey
Since we stayed in the Bermonsey area, we took a stroll nearby in search of a dinner place. Streets were quiet as people were already gathering inside the restaurants. Many places were crowded and loud, but soon we walked past an inconspicuous restaurant named Franco Manca that serves pizza. While we were contemplating outside the restaurant, a super friendly waiter pops up in front of us with his sass to welcome us in! The pizza was absolutely delicious, but the service by this waiter was even better! Little did he know, he lifted up our spirits from when we were bummed by the Airbnb.

After dinner, we continued our stroll to the Tower bridge to admire the night scene before calling it a night!

Next day will be a day of chilling in the city and Anders getting to check another box off his bucket list!

You can read up on the rest of our 17 days’ adventure in Scotland and England here

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