Day 10 in Alnwick, England

I’m so excited to finally start writing about all our experiences we had in England! Let’s get started from the pretty town of Alnwick!

19th May 2017

09:00 | Shilbottle Airbnb breakfast
Our Airbnb hosts had kindly prepared breakfast for us based on what we’ve selected the night before. Breakfast was served to us in our room. Plus, we have an incredible view of the yellow flower field right outside our window!

10:30 | Back to the past at Barter Books
Pushed open the door of Barter Books and it was as if we’ve went back in time. This is one of the largest second hand bookshops in Europe and situated on the site of what used to be Alnwick’s Victorian train station. The charming architecture and history of the Victorian train station has been well preserved. To learn more, there is a walkabout brochure ‘A self-guided historical tour.’ that provide detailed description of each space during the train station days.

Rows and rows of second hand books, maps and even vinyls tempting us to flip through it all. After much contemplation, we eventually only purchased some old maps for keeping. There are lots of cosy corners with fireplace, armchair and tables available for reading. The old station waiting room is now a cafe. Fun fact, this is where the original “Keep calm and carry on” World War II poster was found. Another surprising thing is that dogs (#dogsofbarterbooks) are allowed into the shop!

12:30 | Trip to the Alnwick Castle
It was drizzling that day, hence we decided to skip the Alnwick Garden and head straight to the Alnwick Castle. This castle is a film location for Harry Potter, thus the availability of broomstick flying classes.

Do take note that this castle is still currently inhibited by Duke of Northumberland and his family during winter, so the castle will be closed during the winter period. Perhaps this is also the reason why the inside of the castle still feels fresh and alive since there are people living in it.

Just like how we did for all castle visits, we joined the free guided tour. Our guide, Peter, is definitely one of the best guide we’ve encountered thus far and he brought the stories of the castle to life.

15:00 | Late lunch at Grannies Tearoom and Delicatessen
Chanced upon Grannies Tearoom while we were looking for a lunch spot in the rain. The tearoom is located at the basement with a very homely feeling. Food was enjoyable and really warmed us up. First floor is the Delicatessen selling local produce. I bought the Northumberland tea which I drank earlier on and some jams which were irresistible just by looking at those neat rows of display.

16:00 | Strolling around Alnwick town
If you’ve been reading since our day 1 post, you should know that we are addicted to small town vibes and hence we couldn’t pass up on strolling around Alnwick before leaving. Spotted some vintage automobile driving along the street. Popped into some of the quaint little stores before they closes at 5pm.

19:00 | Spending the night at a beautiful photo studio (Airbnb) at York.
After more than 2 hours of drive, we’ve arrived at our Airbnb in York. The place is gorgeous! This ensuite room also functions as a gallery space when needed.

Next post will be all about our day at York on foot!

You can read up on the rest of our 17 days’ adventure in Scotland and England here

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