A Cycling Date

Last Saturday, we went on a cycling date with our friends, hoping to venture further into the rarely explored area in the East of Singapore. Started our day by having brunch at The Coastal Settlement which is located at a slightly secluded area of Changi. The restaurant was huge for Singapore’s standards, with vintage vehicles on display inside and outside.

After the very satisfying brunch, we walked towards Changi Village Hawker Centre area in search of bikes. From there we began our cycling route, along the scenic Changi Beach Park where we described it as the peaceful version of East Coast Park. There were fewer cyclists on the cycling path allowing it to be more pleasurable for cycling at a slower pace while taking in the sights and sounds all around us. 

Our journey continued along the SAF Ferry terminal and onto Changi Coast Road a.k.a the endless road as named by the guys. This route reminded the boys of their army days as that’s the road they did their POP route march.

After hours of cycling under the sweltering heat, we finally reached East Coast Park. Had some cold drinks and decided to just wander around. To our surprise, we stumbled upon the Bougainvillea Garden which is absolutely gorgeous!

We ended our day by having seafood dinner at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Watch the summary of our day in the short film here:

Lucky us, Obike was having a promotion over the Easter weekend, allowing us to ride Obike for free the whole day! Except for me, who have trouble adjusting the seat of Obike to a comfortable height for myself, so I decided to use Mobike which has a smaller bike frame. 

Overall, these bike-sharing provider’s bicycle rates are much cheaper than those from the bicycle rental stores at the park. And it has no fixed return time, so we were able to cycle leisurely without worrying about returning the bicycles on time. The only downside is that inconsiderate users may have damaged or parked the bicycles at unusual locations causing the subsequent users to spend more time in search of the functional bicycles.

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