Bangkok Day 2

Day 2 of Bangkok began with a trip to Roast! It’s located within a really cool compound called The Commons, which is filled with hip stores and eateries.

We headed towards Asiatique after our breakfast. The best way to get there (in my opinion) is by the free shuttle boat! You get to enjoy the view of the river, as your boat slowly pulls into the pier of Asiatique. To get to the shuttle boat, take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and follow the signs down the stairs and to the pier.

Asiatique is a really photogenic place to visit! Full of photo opportunities that we all love as tourists. But the first thing you’ll notice when you pull into Asiatique is the crowd. I visited Asiatique few years ago, and it didn’t used to be so crowded and touristy. Probably because of this, the number of local designer shops have made way for tourist oriented souvenir shops. A real pity! Nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful place as you’ll see below!

We didn’t spent too long at Asiatique in the end as we decided to head to Artbox! Not sure if it’s always this way, or maybe it’s because of Chinese New Year, but quite a few stores are unoccupied. We got stuck at the entrance taking photos though!

Love the food options here, lots of gimmicky stuff to try. We eventually settled for grilled seafood as it looked and smelled too good!

As this was our last night in Bangkok, we decided to visit Jatujak Green Market (nearest BTS station: Mo Chit) despite being really tired already. Jatujak Green was actually pretty cool! Tons and tons of shops, food and even live music. If only we were not half dead by the time we reached there.

We didn’t finished walking around the market as we were basically the Walking Dead by then. That’s all for our last night in Bangkok! One more day before we flew back!

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