Day 9 in Edinburgh, Scotland and Holy Island of Lindisfarne, England

Day 9 in Edinburgh, Scotland and Holy Island of Lindisfarne, England

Our last day in Scotland has arrived. Many wonderful memories has been made in this amazing country and even a change in life status (engaged!!! read day 5 post) happened there. Despite being a little sad to bid Scotland goodbye, we were very much looking forward to our drive towards England for more wonderful adventure!

Day 8 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Day 8 in Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s been a while (more than a year…) since the last post. But that’s because of all the good things happening to both of us which kept us busy last year! *Drum roll* We bought a house and got married!!! And now we are very much settled into our new life, place and roles, so back to the grind! This is a no driving day as the city is expectedly difficult to navigate and the parking system is very confusing based on our experience the night before, where we tried to park near our stay.

Day 7 in Aberdeen, Stonehaven, St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland

Day 7 in Aberdeen, Stonehaven, St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland

The more days we spent in Scotland, the more we fell in love with Scotland. Pleased that we chose to embark on this less touristy road trip. Now leaving behind the amazing landscapes, we are ready to be charmed by the quaint little towns.

Day 6 in Cairngorms, Ballater and Aberdeen, Scotland

Through the glass doors in the dining area, we can see the lovely view of hares hopping around the field and horses grazing. The weather looks slightly gloomy today but that did not deter us from wanting to trek up a hill to see reindeers!!! So excited!!!


15th May 2017


08:00 | Breakfast at Glentorets Bed & Breakfast
The village is really quiet in the morning with almost no one on the street outside our bedroom window. Freshen up and headed downstairs for our breakfast prepared by the host, Mark. Just beside the display cabinets, there are two world maps full of flags pinned onto the countries where the guests came from and gratitude cards. What a sweet reminder!


10:00 | Saw the reindeers at Cairngorm Reindeer Centre
Our first order of the day is to see the reindeers! Reached the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre early to ensure that we each get a place for the hill trip to see herds of reindeers roaming around freely. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the 11am trip was cancelled. But on a good note, the staff informed us that we can buy the ticket for the paddock visit first and should the weather condition improve later, we can top-up an additional fee for the 2.30pm hill trip. 

Hence we went ahead to visit the paddock. An adorable sight greeted us when we pushed open the paddock door... it's a mother reindeer (Sambar) with its calf!!! There were three more reindeers (Scrabble, Stenoa and Olympic). However, I had a hard time attracting the reindeers toward me! 

Inside the paddock, there is an exhibition area filled with interesting facts of reindeers to read up on. So glad that we were the only ones in the paddock that morning which allowed us to slowly enjoy our time at the paddock. 


12:00 | Lunch at Cobbs Cafe in Glenmore Forest Visitor Centre
After the long visit at the paddock, we went to the nearby cafe to have our lunch. As the weather was still pretty chilly and we were not equipped with the suitable clothing, a sensible decision was made to not go ahead with the afternoon hill trip. Really wish that we will have a chance to see herds of reindeers in their natural environment next time!


14:30 | Adventurous drive along A939 road and spotted hairy Coos
Our drive along the long A939 road was filled with fantastic views of Scotland landscape! Stopped our car halfway and had some fun taking photos with the curved endless road behind us. From there, we passed by more majestic views which our photos cannot do justice to. You must be there to see it for yourself! 


Soon, google maps directed us onto a narrow road which led us to spotting some... coos!!! We've been wanting to see the Coos up-close since the beginning of our trip. They look like furry soft toys!!! 


16:00 | Discovered the glorious Ballater village
Decided to stopover at Ballater village for a quick break. The beautiful Glenmuick Parish Church stood in the middle of the park and surrounded by cute little shops such as A. B. Yule Bookshop. During our stroll around the village, we saw a fat Scottish Terrier that walks funnily due to its excessive weight.


From a distance, we saw a beautiful row of trees with pink flowers along some houses. Upon closer look, these pink flowers are actually cherry blossoms!!! It's our first time seeing cherry blossom in person!! And we were so surprised to see it here in UK! Felt so happy and lucky to chance upon these cherry blossoms in this small town!


18:00 | Checked into our Airbnb at Aberdeen
The host welcomed us to our cosy Airbnb and gave us a short introduction about the place. I was really looking forward to preparing breakfast in this spacious kitchen the next morning! 


19:00 | Dinner at Brewdog Castlegate
Ate burgers and drank craft beer at Brewdog. Made a silly mistake by ordering something too spicy twice. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time there and took a long walk back to our Airbnb while watching the sunset in Aberdeen.


Although we did not get to see the free roaming herd of reindeers on the hill, but we saw coos and cherry blossoms which were a first for both of us. This proves that the best moments are the unplanned ones, and these moments are the often the ones that make perfect memories. Don't you agree? 

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Day 5 in Glenfinnan, Loch Ness and Tomintoul, Scotland + The Engagement Story

Spoiler alert! Today is going to be an extremely special day for both of us as Anders have something up his sleeves (or pocket)! Read on to find out more!

14th May 2017

07:30 | Breakfast at Huntingtower Lodge beside Loch Linnhe
Enjoyed our long breakfast by the breathtaking view of Loch Linnhe and watched the little birds flying around the garden. I even tried to identify the birds by browsing through the bird-related books on the windowsill. Chatted with the host about our route for the day before setting off on a new journey!

More about our stay at Huntingtower Lodge - The Waterfall Suite
This is our favourite place to stay in Scotland! The suite we stayed in has everything you will need and want, such as the lounge overlooking the loch, a large bathroom and a very comfortable bed. There is also a separate dressing room which is such luxury, with the soft sunlight shining in, making it perfect for make-up! Wish I have a corner like this at home in the future! 
*Update* Just received the news on Facebook that Huntingtower Lodge property has been put on sale because the hosts are planning to move towards Edinburgh to be closer to their family. We are glad that we had the chance to visit the host's daughter, Laura's gift shop -  Curiouser and Curiouser at Edinburgh which I will share more details in our Day 9 blog post.

10:30 | Hiked up to witness the Jacobite Steam Train crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct
We took a short hike up from the path behind the Visitor Centre. Upon reaching the Glenfinnan Viewpoint, there is the distant view of Glenfinnan railway viaduct infront of us. With hope of getting a better view of the Jacobite steam train crossing the curved Glenfinnan viaduct, we took a risk to trek out of the viewpoint area and head toward the viaduct despite not having a clear footpath to follow.

Trekked for about 20 minutes and we were closer to the viaduct. But it was still not the curved viaduct view that we had hoped for (wished we did better research like this walking trail). Despite that, we stayed put and waited for the steam train that will pass by any moment then.

Soon enough, a train passed by! But it was just a regular train, not the steam train like Hogwarts Express. Continued to wait till around 11.30am, but something felt amiss since we read up that the train should pass by around 11am. So we gave our host a call to help us check the train timing as there was no internet reception on the mountain. No......!!! We received the bad news that it does not operate on the weekend we were there!
After experiencing the Scottish weather of intermittent rain and shine, with my shoes all soaked with mud, I was ready to trek back down. But something more unpredictable than the Scottish weather happened...


A special moment at Glenfinnan: The Engagement Story
He said "Stay there, let's take one more photo together!", so I did. He walked towards me but did not look into the camera. Instead, he stared at me and took out my earpiece from his denim jacket. Only at that moment then I realised something was going to happen. Through the earpiece, I listened to the song he wrote for me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions and started tearing (it suddenly rained) that I couldn't concentrate on the lyrics after the first few lines of the song. 
He went down on one knee after the song finished playing (the sun came out), took out a ring from his chest pocket and popped the question! I answered "Yes!" of course, and he put the ring on my finger. To be honest, I cannot remember what he said at that moment because it felt like the whole world went silent and many thoughts raced through my mind.
This is the story of how we got engaged. I am truly grateful that he remembered that I wanted a private proposal with no audience and chose such a scenic place as the background. Before all this happened, he already asked my parents' permission for my hand in advance and designed the engagement ring since last year. 
Remember the photo he lied about at the beginning of this story? He was actually recording a video to capture down the moment! The last photo is a screenshot from the video.

12:30 | Walked around the Glenfinnan Monument and Visitor Centre
After the magical moment, we needed to get back down to the ground. Being adventurous, we headed further towards the downwards slope of the mountain which turned out to be a bad choice made! Without proper hiking gear, we had to trek through the muddy grounds and uneven path that eventually forced us to climb over the fence (pictured above) to get back onto the real ground.
We took a break from the chilly wind and harsh conditions by having hot drinks and food at the visitor centre's cafe. Then we move on to the modern exhibition inside the visitor centre which was pretty interesting followed by a walk towards the Glenfinnan Monument.

14:00 | Admired the Neptune's Staircase at Banavie village
Only from a postcard at the Glenfinnan visitor centre that we learnt about the existence of Neptune's Staircase. By the canal, we saw an interesting architecture and some picnic benches on one side. On the other side, we can see Ben Nevis and read up about the canal. We were lucky to witness a boat travelling up the lock flight! We are utterly impressed by the wisdom of how someone in the past can come up with the idea of such mechanism and put it into practice.

14:30 | Stopped by the Commando Memorial
Before getting to Urquhart Castle, we did a quick stopover at the Commando Memorial. The three bronze commandos standing on top of the hill commands a strong presence! It's always a good idea to learn more about the country's history through the memorial created. Aside from that, this was a great scenery spot as the iconic landscape of Scotland surrounds the memorial.

15:30 | Marvelled at the Ruins of Urquhart Castle on the bank of Loch Ness
The Loch Ness Monster is probably one of the most famous myths around the world, but a quick search for Loch Ness will make you realise that it's just a huge Loch, with not too much to marvel about. However, a beautiful castle ruin sits by the side of this Loch. Urquhart Castle is a perfect location to visit if you want to make more out of your obligatory trip to Loch Ness!
Many of the spots in the ruins had signs that tell you which room it used to be. One of the towers still stand with much of its grandeur, and the top of it provides a nice view over the Loch. From another spot in the ruins, you could see the ruins in its entirety, and the outline of the ruins helps you imagine how the castle life could have been back in the day. It was a great visit!

19:00 | Checked  into Glentorets Bed & Breakfast
After nearly two hours drive up and down the mountains, we arrived at our B&B for the day. It was a cosy home by the side of a large field. We quickly settled into the comfortable room. Had a quick chat with the host and found out that there's a town square nearby where we could get some food at that hour.

20:00 | Night out at Tomintoul
Tomintoul is a small village, the kind where you would think everyone knows each other. It was a little late by the time we arrived, but the village is still filled with charm. We can't help it but stopped to take quite a bit of photos on the way to the town square!
Eventually we chose to have our dinner at Glen Avon Hotel Lounge Bar. It was exactly like how we have seen it on TV, where the bartender knows everybody and everyone's having a good chat as they wind up their day. After a while, our B&B hosts came in for a drink too! 
Took a nice stroll back to the B&B, towards the setting sun. As we approached the B&B, we stopped to take photos of the two horses that were in the fields. Our host showed up after a while and showed us how we can feed the horses! What a beautiful way to end the day!

On this fateful day I became his and he became mine. I couldn't stop admiring the ring the entire day and kept worrying that I might lose it. This day is filled with lengthy stories and details which we are happy to come back to, and it will always put a smile on our face.

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Day 4 in Glencoe, Scotland

With much anticipation, we are going to explore Glencoe today! This is the place that represents Scotland and its way of living. The beauty of Scotland is always being featured in movies such as Skyfall, Harry Potter and Braveheart, and now, it's finally our turn to see it in person! 

13th May 2017

08:00 | Breakfast at Huntingtower Lodge with the view of Loch Linnhe
Such a pleasure to have our breakfast in the dining area beside the huge windows that overlook Loch Linnhe. The friendly host, Chris, shared with us some information such as the weather and gave us suggestions on what route we can take for the day! 

10:00 | Scenic drive along A82 road
During the drive, we were completely blown away by the epic landscape with the mountains and rivers along the never-ending road. Everywhere looks so picture-perfect that we had to stop by the roadside numerous times with the hope of capturing down the amazing view.

11:00 | Search for the Blackrock Cottage near Glencoe Mountain
Before the trip, we saw many Glencoe photos featuring the Blackrock cottage. It is located on the access road towards the Glencoe mountain ski area. Little did we know, there are actually people living in the cottage. So we only took a few photos from a distance so as not to disturb the residents' privacy.
The white cottage sitting against the majestic Buachaille Etive Mòr mountain is indeed very photogenic. However, we also spotted many other isolated cottages along the drive that looks equally nice. So our advice for you is to look for photo spots elsewhere if this place is not along your planned route.

12:00 | An adventure into Glen Etive 
Sky was clear when we began our drive on the narrow single track road that meanders down Glen Etive towards the head of Loch Etive. We were greeted by the pristine scenery of Glen Etive with river flowing and mountain top hiding amid the clouds. It's as if we had been teleported into a surreal world!
The drive was really lovely until one point where we felt like we were driving to nowhere in the rain. There was no phone signal for us to check our location and how far are we from the end of the road. Despite the uncertainty, we still drove on and finally reached the end of the road. So happy to finally reach the head of Loch Etive after feeling lost! 
The superb view there totally screamed "Scotland!". We saw two paddlers back from their canoeing trip and they were picked up by their family whom we had a chat with. There were also people camping near the loch. Lucky us, we spotted a few wild deers by the roadside during our drive back!

This was a much longer drive than we expected, with us clocking in 28 miles for a round trip. Do note that this is a single lane road with passing places at almost every 100 yards, hence we had pull over our car several times to allow cars of opposite direction to pass through. This drive was definitely not easy and we suffered slightly from carsick due to the frequent stopping at passing place. But I am thankful that Anders overcame it. He's the best (and only) driver of our trip!

16:00 | Late lunch at The Glencoe Gathering
Passed by The Three Sisters of Glencoe - Beinn Fhada, Gearr Aonach and Aonach Dubh mountains along our way to the nearby restaurant. We were feeling very cold and hungry after drive in Glen Etive, so we did quick search online to find this cosy place full of Scottish charm coming from the staff and decor. 

18:00 | View the Castle Stalker from The Old Inn 
Last stop of the day is to go view Castle Stalker from afar. We parked our car near The Old Inn and walked down a short footpath to the viewpoint. The wind was very chilling that evening, so we could only stay for awhile to take some pictures. Castle Stalker is truly stunning! The weather, casting a grey sky, added a nice background to the isolated castle.

19:00 | Dinner at Lochleven Seafood Cafe 
Lochleven Seafood Cafe was recommended by Chris and we made a reservation before heading down as it's quite a small restaurant with limited seatings. The seafood here is very fresh and affordable. We ordered fresh oysters, small pot of Mussels cooked in wine and fish of the day. Two thumbs up and we strongly recommend you to eat here!

It has been a very adventurous day for us! Went back to admire the sights and sounds of Loch Linnhe just outside our B&B followed by a very restful night.

Scotland is really beautiful.

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Day 3 in Stirling, Loch Lomond and Luss, Scotland

Today marks the beginning of the true Scotland trip for us! After watching Braveheart, we really looked forward to follow the trail of William Wallace!
*Cue bagpipe music*

12th May 2017

08:00 | Breakfast at 19 Snowden Stirling Guest House
Morning started with a sumptuous breakfast prepared by the host, together with the company of two other female guests who have travelled in the opposite direction of our itinerary. They shared their experience of travelling in Scotland thus far and told us that we are about to visit their favourite castle of Scotland! 

10:00 | Strolled along the Old Stirling Bridge
Old Stirling Bridge was introduced to us through an instagrammer as a good location to photograph the impressive Wallace Monument. It's connected to a park and was really lovely to see the locals going about their daily routines.
Oh, do not be misled by the plaque! This stone structure is not the original Stirling Bridge from the battle. The original wooden bridge has collapsed in the 1297 battle. 

11:00 | Climbed up to the Crown of The National Wallace Monument at Abbey Craig
Parked the car at the carpark and took a courtesy bus to reach the base of Wallace Monument. Bought our entry tickets from the reception desk and began our journey up the 246 spiral stairs. Along the way up, we went into three exhibition galleries to learn more about the monument, William Wallace and the battle at Stirling Bridge. The spiral staircase is pretty narrow, so the galleries also served the purpose of easing the walk and being the passing point for everyone.
Eventually we made it to "The Crown" which is the top of the monument. The view of the vast landscape around Abbey Craig was absolutely breathtaking! Thus, we braved the strong winds and stayed there to admire the scenery for much longer than we should have. 

13:00 | Toured the Stirling Castle
We went on to visit the Stirling Castle nearby which was highly recommended by our fellow travellers at the guest house. And indeed, It became one of our favourite castles of this trip!
Started the visit with eating ice cream bought from a cute ice cream truck just outside the castle while admiring the view of where we just came from. Next, we purchased the tickets and entered Stirling castle just in time for the free guided tour (takes place every half an hour) around the castle. The engaging guide shared with us the history and fascinating facts of the royal buildings. We strongly recommend joining the guided tour when visiting any place of interest! 
After the brief tour around the castle with the guide, we continued to walk around the castle to take photos and appreciate the buildings with some still in the midst of restoration. In addition, there are costumed characters hanging out in some rooms where you can mingle with them or ask questions.
Truly enjoyed our visit there! It felt like we stepped back in time and we'll always remember this castle with its unique yellow building named "The Great Hall".

16:00 | Late lunch at Oak Tree Inn near Loch Lomond
It's time for a late lunch! We headed towards Oak Tree Inn that was situated in the lovely loch side village of Balmaha. This is a really nice location for a stopover/meal. Saw a lot of hikers there as it's just across the Loch Lomond-Trossachs National Park visitor centre. 

17:00 | In search of the lone tree at Milarrochy Bay
Anders was captivated by a photographer's photos of this lone tree, and thus we went a little off our intended path to look for it. There is very little information about this tree, and thus we had a hard time finding it. 
Finally, we found it right here on the beach in front of a small building. The light was working against us by that hour of the day. Still, we took some shots and made the best out of the visit!

19:00 | Stopped over at Luss Village
We originally planned to stop by a few more places on our way to our next accommodation, but due to time running out, we had to drop a few of them. One that we thought we had to visit was Luss. It's dubbed by some people as the most beautiful village in Scotland, and once you step in there, you can see why!
The beautifully conserved cottages makes this village really special. We really wished we had more time here. Every cottage makes a good photo spot! Walking through the rows of cottages will lead you to the pier with a nice boardwalk that opens up to a fantastic view of Loch Lomond!

We had to rush off this place, but fortunately still took enough photos and made it worthwhile. We stopped by The Green Welly Stop to grab some quick dinner before doing a long and direct drive to Huntingtower Lodge, where we will spend the night. The evening skies accompanied us on this beautiful drive as we rode towards the sunset and ended our day.

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Day 2 in Glasgow and Stirling, Scotland

Woke up pretty early today due to jet-lag. But on a positive note, we get to have an awesome long day ahead! 

11th May 2017

08:00 | Mini-photoshoot at our Airbnb
Since we were up early, we thought we might as well use the opportunity to have some fun around our lovely apartment. The large windows allowed ample sunlight into the living room and kitchen and made it perfect for taking pictures!

09:00 | Breakfast at Singl-end cafe & bakehouse
Look out for the black board with "Singl-end" on Renfrew street and take the stairs down. This place is cosy with many fascinating decorations such as old photos, postcards and Scottish themed prints all around. Being the first customers that morning, we saw the staff dishing out varieties of breads, cakes and savoury bites to display on the large table near the entrance. It was so tempting!
Had a hard time choosing from the extensive breakfast menu. Eventually decided on Singl-end Cooked Breakfast with Marshmallow Hot Chocolate for him; and Meaty Baked Eggs with tea for me.

11:00 | Failed to collect rental car from Hertz
Our initial plan was to collect the car and drive back to our Airbnb for check-out. Unfortunately, we had problems locating the Hertz temporary office, followed by the need to switch the car due to suitability and it caused a delay in the collection of car.

13:00 | Late check-out at Airbnb
Due to the hiccups at Hertz, we were late to return to our apartment for check-out. Thankfully, the host who was there cleaning up the place kindly waited for us. We'll share more on our good and bad Airbnb experience in a separate post.

13:30 | Break time at Waterstones bookstore cafe
Having two big luggages wasn't the easiest to roam the street with. So we went ahead to park ourselves in a cafe inside Waterstones bookstore near our Airbnb. It's a great place to chill with a book and drink! 

14:30 | Collected the car and visited Glasgow Cathedral
Finally! We have a car to move on to visit Glasgow Cathedral. Parking is opposite the cathedral, and we had a hard time looking for it initially. The cathedral interior is remarkable with the medieval stonework, open-timber roof and stained glass windows! An interesting attraction of the cathedral is the dark vaulted chambers of the lower church. There are guides walking around to share the history and little-known knowledge of the cathedral which we really appreciated.

16:30 | Explored Stirling city centre
As our B&B host was not around when we reached Stirling, we decided to walk towards the Stirling city centre. The first store that caught our attention was Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, a traditional-looking sweet shop with a huge selection of sugary goodies. Next, we popped into Europa Music store to browse through the vinyls. Gradually, all the stores started to close when nearing 5.30pm. Bought a cup of hot chocolate from The Burgh Coffeehouse for our walk back to the B&B. 

18:00 | Checked into 19 Snowdon Stirling Guest House
Our B&B in Stirling is a large Victorian guest house situated in a quiet residential area. We got a large double bed room with a private bathroom adjacent to our room. The view outside our window is the backyard, where the owner's two dogs ran around and played!


19:00 | Drink and dine at The Birds and Bees
As we had no reservation made, we were informed that we may need to wait up to an hour before getting dinner service. But we still went in and was seated at a nice booth seat with a romantic ambience. It felt like a date night!
Inside the restaurant, there's a pub where we ordered their beer on tap. Do try their Birds and Bees Golden Summer Ale which I liked! The manager also kindly served us olives while waiting for dinner service. Beer and olives made the waiting much more bearable.
Sooner than expected, food was served! We ordered the Beer Battered Haddock Fillet and Creamy Brandy Char-grilled Chicken Breast. Strongly recommend this place for its tasty food and top-notch service! Try make a reservation if possible to save waiting time. 

Not the smoothest day of our trip due to all the hiccups, but travel almost always bring along some issues. The key to easing past these issues is to simply stay positive and create an experience out of it! For us, it was finding a nice bookstore and simply relaxed. The day concluded with a nice purple sunset. Looking forward to the next day!

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Day 1 in Glasgow, Scotland

You know you love the destination the moment you land and find a fuss-free way out of the airport into the city. That's how we fell in love with Glasgow!


10th May 2017


12:30 | Landed at Glasgow Airport and took the Glasgow Airport Express to our Airbnb
Went outside the airport and purchased the Glasgow Airport Express bus ticket on the spot. This bus conveniently brings us to the city within 15 minutes! Glad to find out there was a bus stop on Bothwell Street, which was considerably close to our Airbnb.


13:00 | Checked into our Airbnb
We were a little unsure of the exact location of the apartment, but luckily we spotted the bright blue wall of the bedroom as seen online. At the same time, the host spotted us and waved. What a relief!


14:30 | Climbed up The Lighthouse and roamed the streets
First stop, we went to The Lighthouse Mackintosh Tower. The only way up to the viewing platform is to climb the helical staircase. It was not the easiest (takes some guts) but definitely worth it for the wonderful view across Glasgow!
Next, we strolled along Buchanan street, Argyle street and Merchant City. We were amazed at how well the old buildings are preserved and can't stop snapping away. 


18:00 | Dinner at Bread Meats Bread
The burgers are absolutely delicious and the portion of the sides are huge! You must try the Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Fries which is my favourite sweet fries ever! 

glasgow-city chambers-2
glasgow-city chambers-1
glasgow-city chambers-4
glasgow-city chambers-3

19:00 | Evening stroll around George Square and the City Chamber
Thanks to the longer daylight hours, we were able to continue walking around despite all the shops around us have closed. It was such a pleasure to people-watch at George Square and admire the architectural structure of City Chamber. 


A stroll back to our accommodation in the beautiful weather concluded our first day. Needed to rest up early for the 2 weeks of adventure ahead of us!

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17 Days In Scotland And England Itinerary

"Somewhere charming with little towns"
"Surrounded by mountain and near the sea"
"Scenic route for a roadtrip"

These were what I suggested when he asked where we should go for our next holiday. I'm pretty sure you can already guess where we finally decided to go by the title!

Here's a quick summary of our 17 days itinerary in Scotland and England during May 2017. Very shortly, we'll collect our thoughts to do the day by day blog posts and link to the images below. Click on the images to read!

Day 1 Glasgow

The Lighthouse > Buchanan St, Argyle St, Merchant City
> George Square > City Chamber

Day 2 Glasgow
to Stirling

Glasgow Cathedral

Day 3 Stirling
to Fort William

Stirling Bridge > Wallace Monument
> Stirling Castle > Luss Village

Day 4 Glencoe

Blackrock Cottage > Glen Etive > Castle Stalker

Day 5 Glencoe
to Tomintoul

Glenfinnan > Neptune's Staircase
> Commando Memorial > Urquhart Castle

Day 6 Tomintoul
to Aberdeen

Cairngorms Reindeer Centre
> Glenmore Forest Visitor Centre > Ballater

Day 7 Aberdeen
to Edinburgh

Stonehaven War Memorial > Dunnottar Castle
> St Andrews Cathedral > Forth Bridges

Day 8 Edinburgh

The Elephant House > Edinburgh Castle
> Royal Mile > Edinburgh Old Town

Day 9 Edinburgh to Shilbottle

National Museum of Scotland > Lindisfarne

Day 10 Alnwick to York

Barter books > Alnwick Town Centre > Alnwick Castle


Day 11 York
to Manchester

York Shambles Market > York Minster > MediaCityUK


Day 12


Spinningfields Makers Market > John Rylands Library
> Old Trafford (Manchester United Game)


Day 13 Manchester
to London

Old Trafford (Stadium Tour) > Bermonsey >Tower Bridge


Day 14 London

Notting Hill > Portobello Road Market
> Abbey Road Studios > Oxford Street


Day 15 London

Borough Market > Tower Bridge
> Spitalfields Market > Shoreditch > BOXPARK


Day 16 London

London Eye > Big Ben
> St James Park > Buckingham palac


Day 17 London

Victoria station > Camden Market

Hope you enjoy reading!
If you are travelling, wish you have a lovely and safe travel!