Boutique Fair Spring/Summer Edition 2019

Our destination today was the F1 Pit building! We were heading to the highly anticipated Boutique Fair! We're not sure how many there has been in the past, but it was our first :)

【日记 Diary】2018-08-04 | Ginza Tendon Itsuki, Joe & The Juice & Two Chefs

【日记 Diary】2018-08-04 | Ginza Tendon Itsuki, Joe & The Juice & Two Chefs

早起的鸟儿不需要排队。好久不见的日本餐厅:Ginza Tendon Itsuki
There are few things that will get us out of bed early, and Ginza Tendon Itsuki is one of them. Go early on Saturdays to skip the queue.

【日记 Diary】2018-07-28 | Victor's Kitchen, National Design Centre & Grassroots Book Room

【日记 Diary】2018-07-28 | Victor's Kitchen, National Design Centre & Grassroots Book Room

The start to a perfect weekend is a perfect meal.

【日记 Diary】2018-05-19 | Brothers in Fine Food & Bugis Street

【日记 Diary】2018-05-19 | Brothers in Fine Food & Bugis Street

Over the weekend, we discovered a new cafe not too far from home. Brothers in Fine Food is located in Tampines West Community Centre.

【日记 Diary】2018-05-05 | Two Men Bagel House, Starbucks Reserve & Smiths Fish & Chips

【日记 Diary】2018-05-05 | Two Men Bagel House, Starbucks Reserve & Smiths Fish & Chips

We settled for Starbucks at United Square. We didn't realise how beautiful it looked inside, and was also surprised by the Starbucks Reserve collection.

An afternoon in Tiong Bahru

An afternoon in Tiong Bahru

We visited Tiong Bahru together for the first time to have a walk around the estate. By the end of the afternoon, it has became one of our favourite place locally. 

A Better Florist - Flower Arrangement Workshop


Flowers are always associated with beauty and love. Many people gift flowers to their other half from time to time, on special occasions or just as a sweet surprise. One of the things that is more precious than the gesture of flowers is time. And last weekend, A Better Florist gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy the gift of both.



Each workshop is unique as it features different flower combinations. For our class, the main type of flowers we got to work with are Roses, Carnations and Baby's Breath.


The first step was to clean up the flowers. Good idea to get rid of the thorns on the roses before doing anything else. The Carnations required some 'massaging' to aid it in blooming. We also had to remove the leaves on the lower parts of the stem as we did not need them there for a bouquet.


Next, we moved on to the hard part: Arrangement. A demo was done for us by the teacher to show us the final product. No one could quite remember all the steps, but it was fine as he guided us along the way.


If we had one thing throughout the class, it was confidence. We thought we had a good finished product several times, only to get a chuckle from the teacher when he sees our work. And after rounds of guidance, we finally had our finished bouquet! 


A hundred photos with one bouquet

We saw a video where Photographer Emily Quinton took many different photos from just one bouquet. So we decided we have to give it a try too! We didn't reach a hundred, but here it goes.  



Final thoughts

In the end, a two hours workshop gave us an entire weekend of fun. Nothing beats trying something for the first time together with your loved ones. Really appreciate A Better Florist for the invitation as we enjoyed ourselves during the workshop. We both truly feel that this workshop could be a wonderful gift to your other half, as you get a bouquet of flowers at the end, and more importantly, you get to spend a great time with him/her. 

P.s Flowers are still looking good after six days! 


Other Tips & Info:

  • Details on which flowers will be used is available at the sign-up page of each workshop.
  • Feel free to bring back leftovers for other uses such as flat lay photography.
  • Be careful while dealing with the roses as it's easy to get pricked.
  • Plant food is given at the end of the class.

SMU Arts Festival 2017


Didn't know what to expect at all when we decided to go for the SMU Arts Festival this year. But by the end of the day, we were glad we went! But let's not jump ahead...


Had lunch at the Standing Sushi Bar before heading towards SMU. It was our first time there and to be honest, I was expecting to stand and eat the sushi. Turns out it's normal seating, which makes me wonder where the name came from... Anyway! The sushi was great! We ordered two rolls to share, and both of us liked the "Rockstar Roll" more!


And we were off to SMU! Entered via the underpass, so we arrived at the Bookstreet first. The stalls all had interesting concepts! From board games to accessories to books, and even Gnome doors! We almost bought one of the board games, but resisted the impulse. Many of the stalls also had games where you can play and win prizes.


Met up with our friend, a.k.a Tripflarebear, who was shooting the event for SMU. He told us that the exciting performances will start at 7:30pm, hence we stuck around for it. Had a quick dinner at the festival. Payment was via a card which you have to add value to add a separate counter. Evening came quickly, and the crowd began to build up. I believe they all came for "Elements", the performance we were about to enjoy.

The 'Wind' segment

The 'Wind' segment

Start of the 'Sand' segment

Start of the 'Sand' segment

The 'Water' segment

The 'Water' segment


Mindblowing. That's what the performance was. Cindy and I don't watch much dance performances (actually none at all), but "Elements" felt world-class to us! The choreography, the execution and the production! Everything tied in so well, and the dancers were really good. Photos can never do justice to a dance, but i'm sure the actual performance will be uploaded somewhere in video. 

The SMU Arts festival lasts till 17th September, so do check it out. Based on what we saw today, it's definitely worth the trip!


The Finest Thai - 8th – 10th Sept '17


"The Finest Thai" is here! Earlier this week, we saw many people sharing about this upcoming event that is taking place at The Royal Thai Embassy. It's near to our workplace, so we decided to drop by! Being fans of Thai food, movies and music, we were pretty excited about it!


As with many events in Singapore, one of our major concerns was the crowd. We were glad that the crowd wasn't too bad at all! We were greeted by food stalls once we entered, and many other stalls with clothing, accessories and different Thai products followed. There are also stations where you can learn silk-weaving.


Food queues were long, but as the place wasn't too hot, we felt that it was still manageable. The one queue that you will notice will be the queue at "After You", the very popular cafe in Bangkok that many Singaporeans visit during their trip there.


There is an air-conditioned area within the building, where there are more stalls in there! The stuff are very nicely designed, and the stalls had a makers market kind of feel to them. Some people didn't notice this part of the market, so do have a look out for it!


One of the other issues will be the lack of proper seats for dining, which resulted in people sitting by the road inside the embassy. They have beanbags and tables, but just not enough for the crowd. 


The most important thing to note is that the event closes at 9pm! Most food stalls were already out of food or closing by around 8:15-8:30pm. So in the end, we didn't get to enjoy much of the food, managing to only buy some spring rolls and Thai Milk Tea. Our friends joined us late and got himself a "Talad Drink", so we tried that too! 


Not sure how the crowd will be for Saturday and Sunday, but if you want shorter queues, go in the day! The music only starts in the evening though, so it depends on what you want to experience. I think it's worth going in and having a look as the crowd is not off-putting at all! Have fun!

Istana Open House 2017

Woke up to the sound of thunder and heavy raindrops, thinking that it will be another weekend when we'll be forced to stay home. Wanting to make full use of the long weekend, we made the decision to head out to Dhoby Ghaut in search of a camera to replace Cindy's Canon G9X, which was on the brink of another "lens error of death". 

It turned out to be an eventful day! We went to Hoshino Coffee for the first time to have our lunch. Never paid attention to their lunch selection until today, so we were excited to try their Porcini Soufflé. We also ordered the hot fruit tea and Vanilla Soufflé for dessert.

All we had to say was.. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!


Soon, the rain had died down and the sky rolled out a carpet of sunshine. Since the weather was kind to us, we headed next door to the Istana Open House!

Queue was faster than we thought it would be. After some security checks, we were in! Tons of people there, but as the space was huge, we don't really feel the crowd. See more from our photos below!


Drained by the scorching sun, we headed back to Plaza Singapura for Singapore-style high tea at Wang Cafe. The kaya breads and milk tea are the perfect perk-me-up!

Afterward, we continued with our main aim of searching for a camera. Staff at TK Foto was really helpful! Patient in explaining and went an extra mile to let us try out the cameras. He even encouraged us to go research on the potential models we were interested in before making the purchase. Good service goes a long way!

A Cycling Date

Last Saturday, we went on a cycling date with our friends hoping to venture further into the rarely explored area in the East of Singapore. Started our day by having brunch at The Coastal Settlement which is located at a slightly secluded area of Changi. The restaurant was huge for Singapore's standard with vintage vehicles on display inside and outside.

After the very satisfying brunch, we walked towards Changi Village Hawker Centre area in search of bikes. From there we began our cycling route, then along the scenic Changi Beach Park where we described it as the peaceful version of East Coast Park. There were fewer cyclists on the cycling path allowing it to be more pleasurable for cycling at a slower pace while taking in the sights and sounds all around us. 

Our journey continued along the SAF Ferry terminal and onto Changi Coast Road a.k.a the endless road as named by the guys. This route reminded the boys of their army days.

After hours of cycling under the sweltering heat, we finally reached East Coast Park. Had some cold drinks and decided to just wander around. To our surprise, we stumbled upon the Bougainvillea Garden which is absolutely gorgeous!

We ended our day by having seafood dinner at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Watch the summary of our day in the short film here:

Lucky us, Obike was having a promotion over the Easter weekend, allowing us to ride Obike for free the whole day! Except for me, who have trouble adjusting the seat of Obike to a comfortable height for myself, so I decided to use Mobike which has a smaller bike frame. 

Overall, these bike-sharing provider's bicycle rates are much cheaper than those from the bicycle rental stores at the park. And it has no fixed return time hence we were able to cycle leisurely without worrying about returning the bicycles on time. The only downside is that inconsiderate users may have damaged or parked the bicycles at unusual locations causing the subsequent users to spend more time in search of the functional bicycles.