Day 17 in London, England

Here we are, the last day of our UK trip from Glasgow to London.

26th May 2017

10:00 | Check out of Airbnb and leave luggages at Victoria Station
As our flight is in the evening, we still gladly had some time to spend in London. First thing first, we checked out of the Airbnb and left our luggages at Victoria station.

11:00 | Visiting the Camden Market
Overwhelming amount of shopping and food options in Camden market. Not sure if we were “lucky” but apparently that day was the start of the hottest week in London, so we were feeling super uncomfortable in the heat queuing for food. But i’m sure if the weather was cooler, it would be nice to chill by the canal while enjoying the food from the many food stalls. Fortunately, the shopping area is air-conditioned, which made it really pleasant to wander through all kinds of stores even those hidden in the alley.

15:00 | Head to Gatwick Airport to catch our flight home
Took the Gatwick Express train from Victoria Station which took us directly to the Gatwick Airport, so convenient! Gatwick Airport is much less hectic than than Heathrow Airport, so we went through the departure gates quickly and smoothly.

This post marks the end of our UK trip. It’s nice to have the journey written down so that we have something to look back in years to come. Hopefully through reading our posts (kudos to you if you read all 17 posts!), you can get ideas from us to where to travel and what activities will suit you!

You can read up on the rest of our 17 days’ adventure in Scotland and England here

Wish you a happy and safe travel always,
Anders + Cindy

3 responses to “Day 17 in London, England”

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